Monday, February 11, 2019

 Day 4
 E Period Lunch                           
 Drop C

  • Important Announcement for Seniors: We will begin sending out mid-year reports to colleges Tuesday morning.  If there is a problem with your mid-year report, you must notify Mrs. Garrity in the Guidance Office by 8:00 a.m. Tuesday, and we will hold submission of your report until the required changes are made.
  • Feeling stuck on where to start when it comes to writing a great paper? Come to the first monthly mini-writing workshop in the library tomorrow, Tuesday, February 12th from 2:30-3pm. We'll be tackling how to break down research questions--and how to create your own--in a fun and informal workshop open to all students. Questions? See Ms. Lewis in Rm 141 or Ms. Stocker in the library for more info!  
  • Since the official abolition of slavery in 1865, not one resolution formally apologizing for centuries of systematic and entrenched oppression has passed both chambers of Congress, including efforts to do so in 2009. Why has America not apologized for slavery, and what role would a state apology play in addressing historical injustice and healing divides? 
    Join Critical Connections this Wednesday, February 13th from 7-9 PM at the Jones Library 
    for a conversation with former White House fellow Dr. Ted Johnson. Refreshments will be served. Questions? Email Leif Maynard or Ms. Camera (NOT A SCHOOL SPONSORED EVENT)
  • Reports card will be handed out to all students during the 10 minutes Advisory at the end of the day today.  After getting your report cards, 12th graders please fill out the superlatives survey, 11th & 10th graders who have not picked a presenter to watch on Career Day, please make your choices during the short Advisory. And 9th graders, congratulations for making it through your first semester of high school!  
  • Best Buddies, a national organization dedicated to promoting friendship between individuals of all abilities, will be meeting on Tuesdays from 2:30-3:30pm in the cafeteria and occasionally move to the community.  The first meeting, for example, was a trip to Glazed Donuts.  If you like friendship, fun, and the occasional maple cream donut, this could be the club for you!  Please contact Mr. Kusek at for more information.
  • Readers! The next meeting of The Lit Club will be TODAY, February 11th at 3:00 in Rm. 174 (Mr. Despres). We'll have snacks, reading discussion,and group writing exercises!  
February 11
 5:30p @ Monson HS - G/JV/Basketball 
 7:00p @ Monson HS - G/V/Basketball 

February 12
 9:00a PVIAC Ski Individual Championships (make-up 2/13) - B/V/Skiing - Alpine
 9:00a PVIAC Ski Individual Championships (make-up 2/13) - G/V/Skiing - Alpine
 5:30p Putnam Voc/Tech Academy - B/JV/Basketball
 5:30p @ Putnam Voc/Tech Academy - B/F/Basketball 
 7:00p Putnam Voc/Tech Academy - B/V/Basketball 

February 14
 5:30p Palmer HS - G/JV/Basketball
 7:00p Palmer HS - G/V/Basketball 

February 15
 5:30p Holyoke HS - B/JV/Basketball 
 5:30p @ Holyoke HS - B/F/Basketball 
 7:00p Holyoke HS - B/V/Basketball 

February 16
11:00a Baystate Academy Charter Public School - G/JV/Basketball
12:30p Baystate Academy Charter Public School - G/V/Basketball 
 1:00p @ Berkshire School - B/V/Skiing - Nordic 
 1:00p @ Berkshire School - G/V/Skiing - Nordic 
 6:30p Chicopee Comprehensive HS - B/JV/Ice Hockey
 7:30p EVENT UPDATE -- Chicopee Comprehensive HS - B/V/Ice Hockey 
February 17
 9:00a @ TBD - B/V/Indoor Track
 9:00a @ TBD - G/V/Indoor Track
 February 18
12:30p EVENT UPDATE -- @ Mount Everett Reg. HS - B/V/Ice Hockey 

February 20
 3:00p @ South Hadley HS - B/V/Ice Hockey 
 4:00p Northampton HS - B/F/Basketball 
 5:30p @ Frontier Regional School - G/JV/Basketball 
 5:30p @ Northampton HS - B/JV/Basketball 
 7:00p @ Northampton HS - B/V/Basketball 
 7:30p @ Frontier Regional School - G/V/Basketball

February 21
 8:00p EVENT UPDATE -- @ Agawam HS - B/V/Ice Hockey 

February 23
 9:00a @ TBD - B/V/Indoor Track 
 9:00a @ TBD - G/V/Indoor Track