Thursday, October 26h, 2017

October 26th, 2017
Today is  Advisory Day
Day 4
Drop C - E Period Lunch

Please see sports scheduled listed below for Monday October 23rd  -  Sunday, October 29th, 2017
(The sports schedule is listed at the end of today's announcements)

Do you like brownies? Do you like candy? If so, come to the Minks Mag's bake sale today after school and check out the brownie bar! Fifty cents for the brownie and then fifty cents for each topping! Yummy!
And don't forget the Halloween writing contest! Send submissions to Yes!

There will be a preseason Swimming and Diving Meeting for RETURNING athletes on today @ 3:30 p.m. in Room 117This is a mandatory meeting!  If you can't make it you must email Coach Albertine or speak with her directly.  New athletes are welcome to attend but Coach Albertine will be having a separate informational meeting for new, "interested",  returning swimmers, and parents in a couple weeks.

Boys Basketball Pre-Season Informational Meeting - There will be a boys' basketball pre-season informational meeting today @ 3 p.m. in room 114.

There will be a Preseason Girls Basketball meeting on Wednesday, November 1st at 3:00 in room 117.

The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts is looking for volunteers to help at the Farmers Markets in Amherst and Northampton on Saturdayymornings. It's specifically for helping people get reimbursed for the fresh produce they purchase.  See the Job Book in the Guidance Office for more information.

The Hatfield Foodbank is looking for volunteers this weekend at the Six Flags "Fill a Hearse" food drive on Saturday, October 28thand Sunday, October 29th. As a volunteer, you will be stationed at the entrance to the park to collect food item donations as people enter. There are three available shifts, and all volunteers may come early or stay late to enjoy free entry to the park. The park closes at 9pm that evening.
2 people needed per shift
2pm-5pm (1 slot still available for this shift)
*Please contact Alison Brauner at to learn how to sign up to volunteer with the Foodbank.

If you are a senior interested in learning more about Westfield State University, think about going to the ARHS field trip there on Thursday, November 16, to learn about their excellent academic & extra curricular programs. It includes a free credit-bearing summer program and a support system for students during all four years of college.  If this sounds good to you, please see Mrs. Cappelli in guidance by this Friday to put your name on a list of interested students. 

Juniors and Seniors - if you have an interest in Social Work you are invited to attend a special Informational Luncheon describing the Social Work Program at Western New England University on Sunday, November 12th, from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. See the bulletin board in Guidance for information.

The ARHS Writer’s Society is holding a meeting this Thursday October 26th at 3:00pm in room 141. Whether you write short stories, poetry, novels, essays, and/or memoirs you’ll love the activities we have in store. In this upcoming meeting, we will journey through our school and create pieces from the murals in our hallways. If you have plans, cancel them! And if you really can’t make it, contact Sophia at and Kayara at for more information.


November 1 is quickly approaching.  If you are applying early and want to ensure that your school application materials are sent on time, you should have already done ALL of the following.  If you have not completed any of these steps, do it TODAY!  Failure to do so could result in late submissions!

1. In Naviance, request the teachers who will be writing your recommendations.
2. List each school in Naviance to which you are applying early, and make sure that a      deadline date is indicated. 
3. Request a transcript for each school in Naviance.
4.  Complete the FERPA Waiver in your Common App and match it to your Naviance         Account.
5. List Common Application schools in your Common Application.

If you have any questions or need help with anything, see Mrs. Tracy in room 309 or Mrs. Cappelli in Guidance as soon as possible

Over the next two weeks the International Students Club will be raising money for UNICEF.  Please support this campaign by placing any amount into the orange Trick-or-Treat collection boxes that club members are carrying around. If every student donated one dollar we could provide 100 families with clean water.  Donate today!

Please see the sports schedule below:
§   4:00p West Springfield HS - B/F/Soccer
§   4:30p Holyoke HS - G/V/Field Hockey
§   5:00p Frontier Regional School - G/MS/Volleyball
§   5:00p EVENT UPDATE-- Frontier Regional School - G/JV/Volleyball 
§   5:00p @ West Springfield HS - B/JV/Soccer 
§   6:00p EVENT UPDATE-- Frontier Regional School - G/V/Volleyball
 7:00p @ West Springfield HS - B/V/Soccer 

§   4:00p West Springfield HS - B/F/Soccer
§   4:30p Holyoke HS - G/V/Field Hockey
§   5:00p Frontier Regional School - G/MS/Volleyball
§   5:00p EVENT UPDATE-- Frontier Regional School - G/JV/Volleyball 
§   5:00p @ West Springfield HS - B/JV/Soccer 
§   6:00p EVENT UPDATE-- Frontier Regional School - G/V/Volleyball
§   7:00p @ West Springfield HS - B/V/Soccer 


§   3:45p @ Westfield HS - B/V/Cross Country 
§   3:45p @ Westfield HS - G/V/Cross Country 
§   5:00p EVENT UPDATE-- Hampshire Regional HS- G/JV/Soccer 
§   5:00p EVENT UPDATE-- @ East Longmeadow HS - G/F/Volleyball 
§   6:30p EVENT UPDATE-- Hampshire Regional HS - G/V/Soccer 

§   4:00p Deerfield Academy - G/JV/Volleyball 
§   5:00p Deerfield Academy - G/V/Volleyball
§   7:00p Belchertown HS - G/V/Field Hockey 

§   4:00p EVENT UPDATE-- Minnechaug Reg. HS - B/F/Soccer 
§   4:00p EVENT UPDATE-- Minnechaug Reg. HS - B/JV/Soccer 

§   4:00p EVENT UPDATE-- Holyoke HS - G/JV/Soccer 
§   4:00p EVENT UPDATE-- Holyoke HS - G/V/Soccer 
§   5:00p EVENT UPDATE-- Longmeadow HS - G/F/Volleyball 
§   5:00p EVENT UPDATE-- Longmeadow HS - G/JV/Volleyball 
§   6:00p EVENT UPDATE-- Longmeadow HS - G/V/Volleyball 
§   6:00p EVENT UPDATE-- @ Minnechaug Reg. HS - B/V/Soccer 
§   7:00p Mount Greylock Regional HS - B/V/Football