Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Day 5
E Period Lunch             
MCAS Schedule

MCAS testing (10th graders) 2 hours
7:45 - 9:45
E Period Lunch

11:00 First    Science, Art, Directed Study, Academic Skills, AAC, Computer and Technology Education

11:30Second   English, Social Studies, World Languages

12:00 Third   Physical, Health, Family & Consumer Education, Performing Arts, Mathematics
C 65 min
9:50 - 10:55
E 60 min class, 30 min lunch
11:00 - 12:30
F 50 min
12:35 - 1:25
G 50 min
1:30 - 2:20

  • The Minks is holding one last brownie bar to close out the school year! Stop by after school on Thursday the 6th for a brownie cup!
  • Signed up for AP Environmental Science for next year?  Please attend a meeting after school on Thursday June 6, at 2:30 pm, in room 224 to hear about your summer assignment. If you cannot attend the meeting, please follow up in person with Ms. Larsen (in room 224).
  • ATTENTION ALL: Thursday, June 11th, will be our last day for late buses.
  • The ARHS Sene-Gambian Scholars Program, which conducts an exchange program with schools in Senegal and The Gambia, is currently planning for the 2020 exchange trip to West Africa, which will take place in February. There are still some openings for additional participants, and partial scholarships are available. Students who will be in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade next year are eligible. If you are interested in participating in this life-changing experience, please come to the library right after school tomorrow (Thursday) to learn more about the program.
  • The Graphic is online (  and you can pick up a print copy on the box by the library! Read about the school's contract with Mass. Correctional Industries to reupholster auditorium chairs at a prison in Norfolk, MA, and keep reading, to learn about all of the following: our new adaptive gym class, a profile on incoming principal Gene Jones; Pedro Mendez and our restorative justice program; vaccines in our district, retiree stories, Limered bubble tea, Game of Thrones, the POCU trip to Harlem, the Senegambian exchange, and an exclusive interview with NFL draft Taj-Amir Torres! The Graphic brings you all the news!
  • There will be a meeting for boys’ soccer team Thursday June 6th at 3pm in room 149. Thank you!!
  • Attention former Pelham After School students!  After 19 years, Lennie is retiring.  We hope you can stop by a casual celebration this Thursday, June 6th from 5:45 to 7pm at the Pelham playground to wish her well on her next steps!
  • If you're planning on taking AP Biology next year, there is a mandatory meeting at 3:00 on Monday, June 10th in room 222. If you are unable to make the meeting BE SURE to check in with Mr. Cardozo or Ms. Paradis.
  • Signed up for AP PHYSICS for next year?  Please attend a meeting after school on Thursday June 6, at 2:30 pm, in room 223 to collect instructions and materials for your summer assignment. If you cannot attend the meeting, please follow up in person with Ms. Blauner (in room 223) AFTER June 6 (materials not available before then).
  • Notice regarding attendance for all remaining students: We are seeing a sudden uptick in students coming in tardy. Some students are arriving so late that they are actually absent in their first period class. Please be advised that just because we are near end of year, it doesn't mean that students should be lax about getting here on time. Be assured that if you are making a habit of being tardy, it is likely that you could exceed the absence threshold in one or more of your classes, which would mean that you would lose credit for that class, regardless of your grade. Remember that every three tardies equals one absence. Be VERY careful with and aware of your attendance.
  • The Girls Cross Country preseason meeting will be at 3:00 TODAY, Wednesday, June 5 at the tree. Whether you are definitely running or just thinking about running this fall, all are welcome!