January 5, 2022

 Wednesday, January 5, 2022

  • It's Wellness Wednesday!

    This week our Wellness Wednesday Tip is:  Practice a Healthy Digital Lifestyle During COVID-19
    We have all spent more time indoors in the last 2 years due to Covid, and many of us have increased our screen time, with positive and negative results. Social media can help us find connection with others  during periods of social distancing. However it can also have harmful effects such as interrupting sleep,  causing anxiety, and creating difficulty with peer relationships.

        Here are some tips to balance out the harm of social media:

        1. Avoid checking your devices first thing in the morning.
        2. Engage in fun activities that are non-digital like drawing, exercise, and board games.
        3. Implement a schedule with designated off-screen time and stick to it.
        4. Turn off some notifications.
        5. Limit negative and harmful digital content including fear-mongering news, programs that 
            highlight violence, cyberbullying, etc.
  • This Friday, January 7th, come to the outside of the cafeteria right after school for a bake sale! Your contribution helps us to support Smart Solar Shutesbury, an organization helping to stop deforestation. Bring money!