Monday, March 2, 2020

Monday Day 6 
Drop E
D-Period Lunch
  • All 10th & 11th graders, before the end of the school day, you must choose the speakers you want to see during the Career Day Advisory. If you don't make a choice today, the choice will be made for you. Please let Mr. Sadiq know if you have not gotten the Choices for Career Day form in your school email account. Thanks

  • Please come to the Theater Company Spring Info Meeting this Tuesday from 2:45-3:00 in the auditorium!  We'll discuss: 
    • Student-Writtens jury signups
    • Our Pelham Elementary after-school project
    • Auditions and tech for the Student-Directed Play 
    • The return of the Odyssey project
    • Two very special workshops led by PUNCHDRUNK, the UK-based immersive theater giants
    It couldn't be more exciting. Come learn all about it or see Mr. Bechtold for details.
  • Women's Rights Club is organizing an advisory on consent & communication on April 2, and we want YOU to be a student facilitator and run an advisory all by yourself! If this interests you even a little bit, come to room 166 at 2:30 tomorrow, Tuesday (3/3). There will be snacks!
  • Interested in participating in Girls Track and Field this year? Please come to room 112 at 3pm on Thursday March 5th! 
  • Do you enjoy playing games and doing puzzles that involve math?  Want to volunteer to help at an elementary school Math Night?  Fort River School is having its Math Night on Thursday March 19 from 5:30 until 7:30 PM and they would LOVE some fun-loving, math-loving high school students to help run the games.  Are you interested?  See Mr. Friedman in room 221 or email him at  Free pizza!! 
  • We are thrilled to invite you to Spring Awakening, this year's winter musical!  A bold script with an alt-rock vibe, this Tony-Award winning show is coming to ARHS March 12-14.  Check posters around the school for info online ticket purchases, valuable advisory content, and details on the plot.  Please note that this show is not recommended to those under 14.  This electric, gorgeous show will not be one to miss!