Friday, October 19, 2018

    Day 7
    D Period Lunch                   
    Drop F

  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR SENIORS:   October 10th was the deadline to put in requests into Naviance for all schools with November 1 deadlines.  If you have not yet done ALL of the following, please take time to COMPLETE THESE TASKS TODAY.  FAILURE TO DO ANY ONE OF THESE STEPS COULD RESULT IN AN INCOMPLETE OF LATE APPLICATION. 

  1. List the schools in Naviance
  2. Select the appropriate application type (i.e. ED, EA, etc.) to insure that a deadline is reflected for your application.  If no deadline appears, make sure the school has an early deadline.  IF YOU HAVE CHOSEN THE APPROPRIATE APPLICATION TYPE AND NO DEADLINE APPEARS,f you have chosen an appropriate application type and no deadline appears, or if there is a special program deadline, see Mrs. Tracy in room 309 or Ms.Garrity in room 101 so we can put in the deadline manually.
  3. Request Transcripts be sent in Naviance.
  4. Check in with your recommending teachers and Counselor to see if they need any additional information from you
  5. List schools in the Common App (if applicable)
  6. Match your Common App and your Naviance Account
  7. Request a fee waiver for all Common App schools in the Common App, if you are income eligible for the Free/Reduced lunch program
  8. If applying Early Decision, don't forget to invite parent/guardian to sign the early decision agreement, so that we will be forwarded the appropriate school form.

  • Want to see a mathematical magician in action?  Want to help fold an origami crane out of a giant 10 foot by 10 foot piece of paper?  Want to work on Sudoku problems on a giant board?  Want to construct enormous polyhedral out of 20 foot long inflated balloons?  Come to Smith College this Saturday between 9 am and 5 pm for Mad Math, a field day of mathematical amusements and astonishments.  This event is open to everyone!!  Any questions about it?  See Mr. Friedman in room 306.
  • On Monday, October 22 a school lock will be placed on all hall lockers without a lock. If you want to use your locker this year please put a lock on it by FRIDAY.
  • "Do you often find yourself hurriedly flipping through page after page of a book at a late hour? Do you sometimes stealthily hide the book you want to be reading inside of the book you have to be reading in class? Does your perfect weekend consist of a book or a notebook and pencil, a cup of tea, and some snacks? If any/ all of this applies to you, or you want to hear more, come join us at the new ARHS Literary Club! We will have a fabulous time having exciting discussions about books, and for those interested, writing from fun, creative prompts. And we'll have snacks!!  The next meeting is on Monday, October 22nd at 3 p.m. in Rm. 174 (Mr. Despres) If you’re interested but can't make it/have more questions, email Anu at, Amina at, or Mr. Despres at
  • We are pleased to announce that Ms. Crystal Garrity has agreed to become this year's yearbook adviser. Crystal is our new Guidance Office secretary. She brings to the yearbook position a wealth of experience with facilitating after school programming, particularly in the arts. She is experienced with Photoshop, as well as guiding youth in how to use the software. Her current plan is to meet with the yearbook student staff weekly on Tuesdays from 3:00-3:35pm. We will be looking into streamlining the process and comparing a variety of vendors and templates to find the best fit.This project will be student-led, and the end result will be based on their vision. Please stop in to Guidance to talk with Crystal if you have any question.
  • Mr. Lariviere is searching for any and all students who are interested in playing Dungeons & Dragons after school! No experience is required! the game is easy to play, and has a lot in common with improvisational acting exercises. Come to Room 302 at 2:30 pm this Friday (10/19) if you are interested, or contact Mr. Lariviere (, Chris Hudson (, or Katie Cornell ( We plan to have our first session on  Friday 10/26!
  • There will be a Class Council Meeting for the class of 2021 on Monday, October 22, 2018 at 3:00pm in room 117. Also Anyone wanting to be a leader of the class of 2022 please come to the same meeting on October 22 at 3:00pm in room 117
  • Nordic skiing informational meeting Thursday (10/25) after school in room 227.  Come hear what this exciting sport is all about.  In addition, Matt Whitcomb, the coach behind the U.S. women’s cross-country ski team's Olympic gold, will be giving a talk in the high school library on November 7th at 7pm, mark your calendars!
  • To any students interested in joining the layout staff of The Graphic, we will have a training meeting in room 187 THE MEETING ON TUESDAY, OCTOBER 23 HAS BEEN CANCELLED!!! WE WILL BE MEETING ONLY THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2018 from 2:45 to 4PM. Students from Journalistic Writing create the articles for our school newspaper, but staffers edit and lay out the content. Please come and see if you'd like to learn how to work with a professional publishing program that helps us get out ARHS's news! Email Ms. Barber-Just with questions at or swing by room 172. 

    ** Athletics**

  • Interested in Wrestling? Are you interested in wrestling this winter?  While the Hurricanes don't have a wrestling team, we have a co-op with Granby.  If you are interested in wrestling this winter with Granby, please stop by the AD's Office before the end of the day Friday, October 19th, and let Mrs. White know.

October 19
 3:15p Team Photos - Volleyball and Girls Soccer
 3:30p @ South Hadley HS - G/V/Field Hockey 
 4:00p Ludlow HS - B/F/Soccer 
 4:00p Ludlow HS - B/JV/Soccer 
 5:00p @ South Hadley HS - G/JV/Field Hockey 
 7:00p Lee Middle and HS - B/V/Football

October 20
10:00a Girls XC - Brown Invitational 
10:30a Bement School - B/MS/Cross Country
10:30a Bement School - G/MS/Cross Country 
11:00a EVENT UPDATE -- @ Wahconah Regional HS - G/JV/Volleyball 
12:00p EVENT UPDATE -- @ Ludlow HS - B/V/Soccer 
12:30p EVENT UPDATE -- @ Wahconah Regional HS - G/V/Volleyball